General Dentistry

General dentistry includes family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and all types of dental care, such as cleanings and exams, that families need to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Dental Exams, Cleanings, and X-Rays

The foundation of every healthy smile begins by stopping disease before it starts. For most people, twice-yearly dental check-ups and teeth cleanings will be enough to monitor and maintain good oral health. Some people, however, might benefit from an additional cleaning or two each year, particularly if they have had gum disease or bone loss in the past.

Diagnostic x-rays are an essential part of your dentistry. Since our dentists can only see what is on the surface of the teeth, x-rays help identify problems that are not visible with the eyes alone.

Digital dental x-rays are safer than ever, emitting up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays without the need for harmful chemicals in the development process.

Fillings, Dental Crowns, and Bonding

It’s no surprise that with the tough job that teeth have, they sometimes acquire damage or disease. From decay to fractured and broken teeth, our dentists can repair your teeth and your confidence with modern, tooth-colored restorations.

Fillings – When decay, known as caries, develops, our dentists will remove it and seal the tooth with a durable filling to keep out bacteria. 

Crowns – Dental crowns go beyond simply sealing the tooth. In the case of breaks, chips, fractures, and deep decay, dental crowns re-stabilize the tooth and provide a “cap” over the remaining tooth structure to protect it.

Dental bonding – Small imperfections such as chips and minor gaps benefit from non-invasive dental bonding. Dental bonding adds to the existing tooth structure with minimal removal of healthy tooth required. We will use a shade of composite that looks natural.

Teeth Replacement Options

At Swansboro Family Dentistry, we strive to save teeth whenever possible. That being said, occasionally, removing a tooth is necessary. Infection, severe damage, and extensive decay may require tooth extraction.

In those cases, we offer aesthetic and functional ways to get your smile back using dental bridges and partial dentures. We work closely with local oral surgeons and periodontists to place dental implants for a practical and lifelike solution to missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling great about the way you look is part of your overall feelings about yourself. If your smile is holding you back, contact our Swansboro dentist office to arrange a dental appointment. We can go over your options with you. Some of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Veneers 
  • Dental implant restorations
  • Dental crowns and bridges

Our dental team is professional and kind. We love helping our patients achieve their smile goals and keep their treatment within their budgets. You might be surprised by the possibilities.

Contact Your Swansboro General Dentist

We warmly welcome new patients – from kids to grandparents and everyone in between. We look forward to helping you stay happy with a healthy smile.