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Why is my tooth sensitive after a filling?

It is normal to have some cold sensitivity after a cavity is removed and a filling is placed. This is due to the activity within the tooth near the nerve, possible gum irritation, and pressure caused by removing the cavity. In most cases, mild irritation and sensitivity can be managed with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Tooth sensitivity can last a few days, or sometimes a few weeks. If the sensitivity does not go away, please contact us. In some cases, the filling might need to be adjusted by our dentists because it is too high. While we check the bite for each filling, mild inflammation can cause it to be slightly off. In other cases, the anesthetic makes it difficult to get an accurate bite reading at the time of your appointment. Teeth are quite particular! Even a fraction of a millimeter can cause a tooth to feel sensitive and make it difficult to chew.

Sensitivity following a tooth filling is not usually a cause for concern, but we want you to feel comfortable, so getting in touch with our Swansboro dental office will give us a chance to make those fine adjustments that give you a comfortable filling and bite.

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