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Kid wearing football gear and holding sports mouthguardMouthguards are essential equipment for athletes of all ages and abilities.

They protect against dental injuries, which can occur during any sport.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mouthguards reduce the risk of dental injuries by more than 50%.

There are two main types of mouthguards: custom and store-bought. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Swansboro Family Dentistry offers years of experience in this field, and here is everything you need to know.

What is a custom sportsguard, and how does it differ from a store-bought mouthguard?

A custom sportsguard is a mouthguard that is made specifically for an individual athlete. It is designed to fit the athlete's teeth and mouth perfectly, providing the best level of protection possible.

Custom sportsguards are typically more expensive than store-bought mouthguards, but they offer many benefits that make them worth the investment.

Store-bought mouthguards are mass-produced and do not fit each athlete, as well as a custom guard would. They also tend to be less durable and provide less protection against dental injuries.

For these reasons, most dentists recommend using a custom sportsguard over a store-bought one.

Why should I get one made for me instead of buying one from a store?

As mentioned above, custom sportsguards offer many benefits that store-bought mouthguards do not. They are made to perfectly fit each athlete's teeth and mouth, providing a snug and comfortable fit.

This prevents the guard from slipping or moving around during play, leading to decreased protection against dental injuries. Custom guards are also more durable than store-bought ones and can withstand more wear and tear.

These custom mouthguards are typically more expensive than store-bought ones, but they offer a higher level of protection and are worth the investment.

If you are an athlete who participates in contact sports, it is highly recommended that you get a custom sportsguard made for you. We can help you with this process and ensure that you have the best possible protection against dental injuries.

Who should wear a sportsguard?

All athletes should wear sportsguard to protect against dental injuries.

This includes contact and non-contact sports, such as basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, football (for both the athlete and their opponents), hockey, or lacrosse; any sport where there is a chance of getting hit in the face with an object.

Sportsguards are essential for athletes who participate in contact sports like boxing or MMA because they can help prevent damage caused by strikes to the teeth, resulting in serious injury to your jawbone area.

For this reason alone, you must have one made specifically for you if you're regularly involved in these kinds of activities. However, even if you aren't participating full time, at least get yourself fitted, so you'll be better protected if you take a hit.

It is also important to wear sportsguard at all times during your sport season, not just during games. This helps ensure that you are always protected against dental injuries, no matter what sport you are playing.

Swansboro Family Dentistry can make a custom sportsguard for you that will protect your teeth while playing any sport. We have years of experience in this field, and our guards are highly effective at preventing dental injuries.

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